This course includes:

  • Videos to support your learning

  • Quizzes and practical assignments you can submit online to check your progress

  • Support and feedback from our Master Trainers

  • Discussion forums to share and comment on topics with other learners

  • Practical teaching & core skills final assessment

  • Digital Certificate recognised by international approving bodies including Fitness Australia, American Council on Exercise & Pole Dance Community (UK & Europe)

Core units of study

  • Intermediate Pole Class Formats

    In this unit we look at how to build on the structure of a beginner class to suit the increasing demand of intermediate level pole training to produce balanced class plans incorporating motor skills, strength & flexibility training with suitable adaptations to meet the varying needs of students.

  • Pole Conditioning

    We explore concepts of functional and efficient execution of movement and how conditioning supports improved technique and thus injury prevention. Alongside numerous practical examples of conditioning for pole, we will introduce handstand training to understand the transferrable skills they hold that can benefit pole.

  • Teaching Inverts

    As your students prepare for the most exciting yet potentially dangerous step in their pole journey, we ensure instructors are equipped to demonstrate safe and effective spotting techniques with clear guidelines for teaching dangerous tricks competently.

  • Developmental Stretching for Dancers

    Alongside the higher demand for strength and conditioning at this level, is the increased need for flexibility to sufficiently execute many intermediate pole tricks. In this unit we take a look at developmental stretching and how to assist students with their flexibility goals, studying the important multi faceted anatomical areas required to achieve splits.

  • Muscles & Anatomy

    In this unit we study the muscle movements & joint actions recruited for inversions, this means a focus on the anatomy of the core & wrists. We will also take an interesting immersion into the mechanics of pointing the toes.

  • Dance Imagery

    An exploration of how to promote creative expression and fluid movement in your pole class using dance imagery techniques.

  • Breakdown of Intermediate Tricks

    With an understanding of functional movement and the value of technique we will work through over 80 intermediate pole tricks, spins, conditioning & flexibility exercises and look at the concepts of spinning pole. You will gain competence in teaching the moves in this course through detailed descriptions, videos, images, common watch out points, tips and spotting techniques.


  • Are there any pre-requisites I need to have before starting the EDP Intermediate Master Training Course?

    You will need to have completed the EDP Beginner Master Training course or an equivalent beginner level pole qualification. After purchase, you will be prompted to send a copy of your certification before you will be able to access the course content in your student dashboard.

  • How long do I have to complete the course online?

    You have 6 months from date of purchase to complete the theory and practical assessment submissions.

  • How many hours will it take me to complete the course?

    We estimate around 10-13 hours in total.

    7-9 hours: Online theory units (including reading, video watch time, online assignments, worksheets & quizzes)

    3-4 hours: Practical (working through the tricks section, planning and recording video submissions)

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5 star rating

Amazing course for pole dance & fitness instructors

Adam Lin

Great and easy to understand course that allows me to be more professional in my field of pole dancing & fitness. Loved the structure of the course and ...

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Great and easy to understand course that allows me to be more professional in my field of pole dancing & fitness. Loved the structure of the course and the flexibility to study when having job etc. Also enjoyed that I could use the knowledge I learnt from this course into my personal exercise training, it allows me to practice before teaching to the students. I would 100% recommend to everyone!

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