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  • Quizzes and practical assignments you can submit online to check your progress

  • Support and feedback from our Master Trainers

  • Discussion forums to share and comment on topics with other learners

  • Practical teaching & core skills final assessment

  • Digital Certificate recognised by international approving bodies including Fitness Australia, American Council on Exercise & Pole Dance Community (UK & Europe)

Core units of study

  • Structuring an Advanced Pole Class

    We will look at how advanced differs to beginner & intermediate classes and how to plan and deliver a focused session in the most effective way, from the essential components of an advanced warm up to planning and ordering tricks for class and for routines.

  • Anatomy & Injury Prevention

    In the anatomy units of this course, we study the muscles involved in specific movements of the shoulder, for stabilisation and injury prevention. We will discuss the strength vs flexibility dichotomy and cover extensive advanced conditioning techniques.

  • Flexibility

    With the extreme nature of many grips and tricks at the advanced level, this course dedicates an entire unit to flexibility and safe methods of teaching stretching. We will explore the contortion phenomena, how to teach students to have good lines and extensions and the numerous methods of stretching, how and when to suitably use these different techniques and why active flexibility is so successful.

  • Teaching Flow, Fluidity & Dynamics

    We will build on the introduction to Imagery techniques for teaching dance we developed in the Intermediate course, by looking at direct, biological and metaphorical imagery , and how these can be useful in teaching flow, fluidity and dynamics.

  • Health and Safety In & Out of the Studio

    In order to equip you to support your students as they become more autonomous in their training at the advanced level, we will look at relevant cross training for injury prevention including an in depth analysis of handstands, nutritional recommendations within the scope of practice, and teaching styles to encourage individuality & creativity. We will touch on the safest ways to spot flips, and how to approach the training of these kinds of dangerous tricks.

  • Breakdown of Advanced Tricks

    You will learn to draw upon a deep understanding of the physics of pole and mechanics of movement to refine your teaching skills to the highest standard as we break down the technique of over 110 advanced pole tricks, conditioning & flexibility exercises and take a look at momentum and control on both static and spinning. You will have the opportunity to actively implement new teaching skills using active learning methods as you work through detailed descriptions, videos, images, common watch out points, tips and spotting techniques.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are there any pre-requisites I need to have before starting the EDP Advanced Master Training Course?

    You will need to have completed the EDP Intermediate Master Training course or an equivalent intermediate level pole qualification. After purchase, you will be prompted to send a copy of your certification before you will be able to access the course content in your student dashboard.

  • How long do I have to complete the course online?

    You have 12 months from date of purchase to complete the theory and practical assessment submissions.

  • How many hours will it take me to complete the course?

    We estimate around 12-15 hours in total.

    8-10 hours: Online theory units (including reading, video watch time, online assignments, worksheets & quizzes)

    4-5 hours: Practical (working through the tricks section, planning and recording video submissions)

  • Do I have to be an AusRep or ACE member to do the course?

    Nope! You do not need to be registered with AusActive or ACE - you can accumulate CECs to add toward your AusActive or ACE memberships if you want to use it for that if you are registered with them - but you do not have to be a member to do the course, get insurance or to teach pole!

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5 star rating

Amazing course

Adam Lin

Great and easy to understand course that allows me to be more professional in my field of pole dancing & fitness. Loved the structure of the course and t...

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Great and easy to understand course that allows me to be more professional in my field of pole dancing & fitness. Loved the structure of the course and the flexibility to study when having job etc. Also enjoyed that I could use the knowledge I learnt from this course into my personal exercise training, it allows me to practice before teaching to the students. Overall would 100% recommend to everyone!

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