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    Pole Conditioning - Beginner & Intermediate

    • Pole Conditioning (Beginner & Intermediate) - Video Class 1

About this class

A 33 minute online pole class with Justine McLucas. Includes explanation on the theory of conditioning, followed by exercises with Beginner and Intermediate options to strengthen and condition important muscles and movement patterns for pole. 

You will work the whole body, specifically building strength in the biceps, obliques, abdominals and shoulders whilst improving your technique, leg extensions and control.

Adaptations are given throughout so you can continue to use this class as you progress from absolute beginner to high intermediate. 

Access to the video class is unlimited for 6 months - anytime, anywhere! Pause, rewind, replay, over and over!

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Justine McLucas

Justine is the founder of Ecole de Pole®, now a multi-faceted pole dance industry brand, including the EDP Instructor Training Courses written by Justine, worldwide Pole Camps and Licenced studios. She established the London studio in 2010, with EDP now also in Cleveland, Ohio, USA.

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