This course includes:

  • Videos to support your learning

  • Quizzes and practical assignments you can submit online to check your progress

  • Support and feedback from our Master Trainers

  • Discussion forums to share and comment on topics with other learners

  • Practical teaching & core skills final assessment

  • Digital Certificate recognised by international approving bodies including Fitness Australia, American Council on Exercise & Pole Dance Community (UK & Europe)

Core units of study

  • Principles of Pole Fitness

    We will look at the value of fitness to well being and total health as well as how to overcome barriers to starting pole fitness.

  • The Pole Dancing Class

    In this unit we look at how to structure a pole class; breaking down the elements of effective warm ups, safely adapting tricks to suit the varying needs of students in a beginner class and completing activities in linking tricks to form combinations.

  • Putting the Dance in Pole Dancing

    We will study musicality, rhythm and phrasing.

  • Anatomy & Physiology

    We delve into the theory of muscle & joint movements, including skeletal and articular systems and muscle integration to build a thorough understanding of the anatomy of the tricks we teach.

  • Safety & Injury Prevention

    From responsibilities of an instructor through to basic first aid and contraindications, this section is paramount for any aspiring fitness professional to understand the scope of their role and ability to support the safety of their students.

  • Teaching Methodology

    We will look at some of the most successful methods of teaching to ensure your student's a positive and fulfilling learning experience, with activities to demonstrate your newly acquired teaching and communication skills.

  • Beginner Tricks Breakdown

    With an understanding of functional movement and the value of technique we will work through over 60 beginner pole tricks, spins, conditioning & flexibility exercises and look at the concepts of spinning pole. You will gain competence in teaching the moves in this course through detailed descriptions, videos, images, common watch out points, tips and spotting techniques.


  • Are there any pre-requisites I need to have before starting the EDP Beginner Master Training Course?

    You do not need to hold any qualifications to start this course. We do recommend that you have 6 months of pole training experience under your belt before starting though.

  • How long do I have to complete the course online?

    You have 6 months from date of purchase to complete the theory and practical assessment submissions.

  • How many hours will it take me to complete the course?

    We estimate around 9-12 hours in total.

    6-8 hours: Online theory units (including reading, video watch time, online assignments, worksheets & quizzes)

    3-4 hours: Practical (working through the tricks section, planning and recording video submissions)

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5 star rating

Highly recommend

Cherie Chivers

The structure and user-friendliness of this course is great. I was able to complete the course around baby nap times running a business. I couldn't ask for a...

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The structure and user-friendliness of this course is great. I was able to complete the course around baby nap times running a business. I couldn't ask for anything more in regards to teacher support, it was fantastic. The feedback provided was also very helpful.

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5 star rating


Aurora Mesropyan

5 star rating

Incredible, thorough and very supportive.

Nikki Erickson

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